About Us

Our mission is to scientifically investigate claims of paranormal activity and use scientific observation skills and methods to observe, document, and record paranormal activity or unusual occurrences within the environment that we are investigating. By using these methods our team will look at all natural explanations first before we come to the conclusion that a place or location might have unusual or unexplainable activity occurring there. We investigate all locations with an unbiased mindset and take  a scientific approach to determine whether the place is truly "haunted"! Most of the time we are able to debunk the activity or unusual events and come up with a natural explanation.


Even if we can't explain the activity taking place we still will not label the activity as a "ghost" or "spirit" unless we have substantial evidence to support the claim!  Most paranormal investigation teams label things too quickly. Unusual or unexplainable activity occurring at any location might be caused by something natural but still unexplainable by modern day science such as some sort of undocumented weather phenomenon or atmospheric condition causing changes in the environment that might make individuals experiencing this change to perceive it as a "eerie" or "ghostly" event.


Electromagnetic fields and even infrasound can cause strange effects on the brain and body of the subjects experiencing it and contrary to popular belief fluctuations or "spikes" in the Electromagnetic Field are hardly ever caused by "ghosts" or paranormal activity. Changes or fluctuations in the EMF field almost always have a natural or human made explanation. We live in a world full of cell phones and wireless devices all of which set off an EMF meter.


More often than not the person is haunted and not the location. They think they are experiencing something but most of the time there is a natural explanation for their experience. If we label a location as being haunted then we must provide you with extraordinary evidence that it is. My team will attempt to prove or disprove that a location is haunted. Our goal is to find those very few "haunted" locations and provide substantial evidence of life after death and other paranormal occurrences that we do not fully understand at this point in time.