Our mission is to scientifically investigate claims of paranormal activity and use scientific observation skills and methods to observe, document, and record paranormal activity or unusual occurrences within the environment that we are investigating. By using these methods our team will look at all natural explanations first before we come to the conclusion that a place or location might have unusual or unexplainable activity occurring there. Even if we can't explain the activity taking place we still will not label the activity as a "ghost" or "spirit"unless we have substantial evidence to support that claim! Our goal is to find those very few "haunted" locations and provide extraordinary evidence of life after death and other paranormal occurrences that we do not fully understand at this point in time.



Haunted Scavenger Hunt

 Ghost Tours 

 Lincoln Trail Demonstration

2018 was the first year for the Haunted Scavenger Hunt. Clues are written based off of information and riddles around local alleged haunted areas. It was an event where the winners would receive half of the overall money earned for the event. This event usually takes place in the fall in the month of October.

Every year we host ghost tours every Friday and Saturday of October. We do charge an admission fee but the event includes history, past experiences, and the use of actual ghost hunting equipment at the locations. 

Join us in October at Lincoln Trail Collage for our annual Ghost and Hauntings talk! We discuss local history and hauntings and demonstrate our equipment.




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If you would like to report a haunting or any other type of paranormal activity please contact us! 



(312) 572-9811

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Robinson Spook House

This was one of the most haunted locations in Crawford County! It has been torn down and is no longer there.